After weeks of hard work behind the scenes, we are finally pleased to see the launch of our new website. We felt the time was right to make a change and implement new systems and improved technology to make the shopping experience better for the customer, you guys!!

In the modern world, we all know what a massive part technology plays in our life’s and this is even more so for an e-commerce business such as ourselves. We want to make the shopping experience as seamless as possible for our customers and that means investing to improve that experience.

We want our customers to be able to find the badge components, machines and cutters they require in a convenient, quick and easy way. And also gives us a chance to improve on how the site looks and we all know how good it feels to redecorate a room and this in our eyes is what we have done in an electronic kind of way!

The components, machines and cutters we sell on we feel are strong, resilient and reliable and we want our platform to replicate that and all parts of the business to compliment one and another.

Moving on to another new and improved part our business our new logo, along with the new website all change here at the moment at but I'm sure you will agree with us and its all for the better.

 Let me start by reminding everyone about our mission statement

 “We inspire our customers to design and

manufacture promotional and gift items

in a timely and profitable way that enhances

and grows their own revenue stream”

 Our brand has been developed with this as our core message, and applying our brand consistently will effectively communicate this to our customers as well as generating a stronger brand presence. We are a transparent, forward-thinking and inspiring business that our customers can trust, and this must come across in the visuals and language we use to portray our brand.

We decided the time was right to change especially with the new website being launched. The reason we redesigned the logo I hear you say? The simple answer it just wasn't good enough! We felt the logo did not do the Blankbadge brand justice and we wanted to do something about it.

The old logo did not get enough of what we do into it, we know it's hard to get this across in a logo but we weren't even trying with the old one. The new Blankbadge logo incorporates three circles which represents the three component parts of a badge the back plate, front plate and the mylar. This can also be interpreted as a thought bubble, the theory behind this is that customer use there own ideas, imagination to create brilliant products with our machines and components this is also reiterated with our tagline “Our products, Your imaginantion”


I'm sure you will all agree the improvement is there to see and we are really happy with the outcome.

We will be adding content to this blog on a regular basis with content that will be interesting and informative (hopefully!). So please check for future posts.


Happy Badge Making 😎