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Button Badge making with our buttonfab machine really is very simple and straightforward, and within a very short period of time you will become a master at producing button badges. Outlined below are instructions and tips on how to successfully produce button badges. If you have any further questions that you need to ask then please do not hesitate to ask us.

All you need to make button badge successfully is available right here in our online shop.
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'G Series' Badge Machine Help & Information

PDF for 'G Series' User Guide

The above user guide contains everything you need to get you started making button badges, button magnets etc. Also includes guidelines for producing artwork, with also template size chart to ensure you produce your artwork in the correct size/format.

To download 'G Series' PDF template guide CLICK HERE
To download 'G Series' PDF what can I make guide CLICK HERE
To view 'G Series' video demonstrations, please CLICK HERE


Please note the below help section is for customers who purchased N1 & 08 machines before January 2012.

N1 & 08 Badge Machine Help & Information

Instruction videos for N1 & 08 Machine

Please see below instruction videos which have been uploaded to Youtube. Simply click on the video you wish to watch.


Template sizes & paper weight / thickness for badges

Produce your finished artwork on sheets of A4 paper printed from your pc/printer. Below are the template sizes for our badges that you will require.

NOTE: The overall print size is slightly bigger than the badge so so that your print wraps around the edge of the badge.

The paper weight/thickness is also a very important part of badge making and essential in producing top quality secure badges. Paper weight is measured in grammes (gsm). Please see below the recommended paper for each size of badge.

Badge Size
Overall Print Size
Cut Template Size
Templates on A4 sheet
Paper Weight
25mm Round
35mm Circle
37mm Round
48.5mm Circle
100 -120gsm
44mm Round
54mm Circle
100 -120gsm
58mm Round
70mm Circle
100 -120gsm
75mm Round
86mm Circle
100 -120gsm
60mm x 40mm
65mm x 45mm
70mm x 50mm
100 -120gsm


Step 1 : Produce Your Artwork/Badge Design

There are many programs that you can use to create your button badge artwork including Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, PrintShop (to name a few). But just about any graphics program that will allow you to work with text and graphics can be used to create artwork for button badges. Once you are happy with your artwork / image you can then drop them into your templates as created above.


Step 2 : Cut Your Artwork/Badge Design To Size

Use the circle cutter to cut your paper artwork/design to the proper size. Cutting of paper artwork must be done on a plate glass surface in order to keep the blade sharp, and to make a clean cut onto the paper. Glass is not supplied with the machine. When using the the cutter, hold die down in position with one hand, while pressing down with palm of your hand on the handle and rotating the handle to the right (clockwise).


Step 3 : Make Your Button Badge

IMPORTANT - When making badge sizes 37mm, 44mm, 58mm & 75mm the right hand die must have the plastic washers supplied positioned in the die to successfully make badges.

  • Place the metal top plate, followed by your circular button badge artwork, followed by the mylar into the Left die.
  • Move the carriage all the way to the right so that the Left die is under the punch.
  • Pull the handle all the way down, until the springs in the lower part of the mould have flattened out and return the handle to its upright position. (Do not apply excessive pressure when pulling down the handle)
  • Raise the handle. The metal top, artwork and mylar should no longer be in the left hand die they will be in the top die that moves up and down.
  • Place the metal/plastic ring supplied in the right hand die (required for 44mm, 58mm & 75mm only), followed by the pin back plate (either with or without the safety pin).
  • Move the carriage all the way to the left so that the Right die is under the punch.
  • Pull the handle all the way down again until the springs at the bottom of the mould have flattened out, and then return to its upright position. (again do not apply excessive pressure)
  • Remove your finished button badge.



  • Make sure that when using our circle cutter that you cut your paper in a clockwise direction and always ensure that the handle is in line with the cutting blade arm, this is so that the pressure you apply is straight in line with the cutting blade.
  • If you are not fixing your Blankbadge multi machine to a work surface I recommend that you clamp to your work surface as this will keep the machine still and help and speed up making your badge. All you need is preferable 2 'G' clamps that can be purchased from most DIY stores.
  • To speed up the process of making badges when you are doing several at one time, always make sure that the moulds have components in. This means that each time you slide the moulds and pull the handle down, either of the moulds can complete its operation.


Please see below a short video on how simple it is to produce button badges using our Blankbadge multi machine once your artwork is complete and cut-out.

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