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This page is dedicated to helping you get your artwork/images into the correct format to enable you to make your button badges with our 'G Series' button pin badge making machines. We regularly get asked the question...

'How do we get our artwork/images into the correct sizes so we can make badges?'

ibadge free button badge design software
March 2014 saw the launch of our own dedicated online software ibadge which enables you to easily design and print your badge designs. This we believe is the easiest way to get your artwork into a print ready format.
Simply visit and register. The software is FREE to use and works in conjunction with our 'G Series' button pin badge machines and components.

Other Options
There are countless programs available that will enable you to do produce your artwork, many of our customers use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw to name but a few, however the option that we are going to show you is a more than capable software program that is totally FREE from purchase.

Openoffice is an open source suite of programs that are 100% free and 100% legal to download, they offer similar programs to word, excel, etc and within the suite of programs is a program called Openoffice Draw which will enable you to insert images, add text, etc and build your own button badge designs.

To download visit:

Feel free to have a look around if you wish, once you are ready to install on your computer click the 'I want to download Openoffice' and follow on screen instructions.

Once downloaded you will see that one of the programs it has installed is called Openoffice Draw, as with all programs it does take time to master but we have found the program to be a very useful piece of software to create your artwork with.

Openoffice Draw Templates
25mm Openoffice A4 Layout Sheet
38mm Openoffice A4 Layout Sheet
50mm Openoffice A4 Layout Sheet
59mm Openoffice A4 Layout Sheet
75mm Openoffice A4 Layout Sheet

PDF Templates
PDF' G Series' Template Layouts All sizes with layout lines for size of artwork, bleed etc.
25mm PDF A4 Layout Sheet (coming soon)
38mm PDF A4 Layout Sheet
50mm PDF A4 Layout Sheet (coming soon)
59mm PDF A4 Layout Sheet (coming soon)
75mm PDF A4 Layout Sheet (coming now)

Should you wish to contact us with another question or query then please contact us.

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